Intelliscan Ltd is a software development company specialising in solutions for the management and analysis of geographic information.

We've been doing this since 1994 and, in that time, have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience.

What is Geographic Information?

Geographic information is information about something's location.

How can it be used?

You can use geographic information to inform or to carry out geographic analysis.


You can show others the location of something
- your business' location perhaps:
wavey guy


If you know the locations of things, you can
easily work out or see what's close by:
train plane train golf museum cafe golf

Open Source Software and Open Data

We use Open Source Software and Open Data to create Web Based Mapping Applications

Our Mapblocks Website shows some examples of what can be done with Open Source products, Open Data and some custom Javascript, HTML, CSS and PHP.

Mapblocks Site

Products and Software Development

Typically, when we do some work for a company it's of a specialist nature. Often, though, we are able to encapsulate that specialist knowledge in a product

Our Warp, SwERVE and INView products are examples of where we have done this

Warp logo

  - software for aligning network data to a map background.

SwERVE logo

  - software for extracting raster and vector data from a Smallworld GIS.

INView logo

    - software for the display and manipulation of geographic information.

Go to our Products page for more information.


Open Data

Open data is data that is free to use or distribute. There are may sources of open geographic data, in the forms of map data or data that you can overlay on a map.

Mapping Data

Ordnance Survey have made some of their geographic data freely available as part of their OS OpenData product suite.

OpenStreetMap is a collaborative project which provides free, crowd-sourced, map data.

Data Resale

We are resellers of Ordnance Survey data.

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